Pre-Order Giveaway WINNERS!

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered their copy of THE BIG F! It should now be securely in your hands, and I hope you’re enjoying Danielle’s story.

As promised, you all will be getting your personalized book plate, signed book mark, Carpe that Effing Diem sticker, and THE BIG F postcard.

Winners: Ashley R., Michelle P., Jennifer C., Nicole S., Danielle M., Joni L., Julie D., Grace B., Hana B., Katie A., Tay R., Caroline V., Larissa W., Lori T., Demi G., Steph T., Erin M., Ashley L., Sue S., Cindy T., Sheila S., Teresa R., Allie W., Alyssa Z. Suzy M., Robin M., Kayla R., Laura L.

Now onto the two lucky winners who get everything that the pre-order level won, plus the Make it Effing Fabulous notebook and the Carpe that Effing Diem bag.

Winners: Robin M. & Danielle M.

And the grand prize winner of everything mentioned above PLUS the super cute Eff That hoop (that I realllly want to keep for myself!)

Drum roll….

Winner: Alyssa Z!!

Congrats to everyone who won, and I’m so thankful to everyone who supported this book early. It makes my heart so happy. Winners, you will be contacted this morning to confirm your address!


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